Cheshire Waste Skip Hire

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Skip Size
Description and Prices From (excl VAT)
2 Yard Mini Skip
2m – 6ft 6″
1.2m – 3ft 11″
0.8m – 2ft 7″
Holds approximately 10-15 bin bags
4 Yard Midi Skip
2.5m – 8ft 2″
1.6m – 5ft 2″
1.1m – 3ft 7″
Holds approximately 35-40 bin bags
8 Yard Builders Skip
3m – 9ft 10″
1.8m – 5ft 10″
1.3m – 4ft 3″
Holds approximately 60-65 bin bags
8 yard builders mixed £215.00
8 yard rubble £160.00
8 yard inert £185.00
8 yard wood £195.00
8 yard plasterboard £245.00
7/8 Yard Covered Skip
3m – 9ft 10″
1.8m – 5ft 10″
1.9m – 6ft 4″
Ideal if security is an issue. Holds approximately 60-65 bin bags
Mixed waste £240.00
14 Yard Skip
3.9m – 12ft 9″
1.8m – 5ft 10″
1.93m – 6ft
Holds approximately 75-80 bin bags
14 yard Mixed waste £360.00
14 yard Wood £280.00
14 Yard Plasterboard £380.00
Price includes first 2 Tonne. Additional weight charged at £150 Per Tonne + VAT

Roll-on roll-off skips

Description and Prices From (excl VAT)
15 cubic yard
Rubble only : £190 / soil only £310.00
15/20/40 cubic yard
Hire & Transport £155.00
Tipping Mixed £160.00 per tonne (Min 2t)
Green (no root balls) £80.00 per tonne (Min 2t)
RO/RO wood only £240.00 (includes H&T)

Tipping at Backford

Prices From (excl VAT)
£10 per tonne
£25.00 per tonne
Mixed waste
£160.00 per tonne
£40.00 per tonne

Aggregate sales

Prices From (excl VAT)
MOT collect
£19.00 per tonne
MOT delivered
£22.00 per tonne
Crushed brick collect
£6.00 per tonne
Crushed brick delivered
£9.00 per tonne
Screened crushed brick clean collect
£7.50 per tonne
Screened crushed brick clean delivered
£11.50 per tonne
Dusty (MOT Grade) collect
£7.50 per tonne
Dusty (MOT Grade) delivered
£11.50 per tonne

Non Accepted Materials

Items we do not accept in skips are:

  • Asbestos or Hazardous waste
  • Fridges and Freezers
  • Tyres
  • Gas Bottles
  • Paint Tins

If unsure please contact us for more information.

Tipper hire

Spoil from site 20 tonne loads from £300 per load (includes disposal) inert (soil/rubble) only. If you do not have facilities to load a tipper vehicle why not consider a 15 yard RO/RO instead.
8 wheeler tipper hire £70 per hour (vehicle and driver hire only)
To discuss your tipping requirements, please contact us.

Before you book

CWSH offers a full range of skips for hire, from a 2 yard mini skip to a 40 yard roll-on roll-off – and everything in between. Before you book a skip, please read through our skip hire FAQS to ensure you get the right size skip for your needs and that you comply with all legal requirements with regard to the placement of, and contents in, your skip.
If you do require a skip for materials other than general waste, please inform us when you place your order so that we can charge correctly. If skips are ordered as inert but contain any other materials they will be charged at the general waste price.
If you don’t have room for a skip or only have a small amount of waste why not bring it to us and pay by the tonne at our fully licensed transfer station. We can accept tipping from anyone who holds a waste carriers licence.

Our Skip Vehicles

Skip loader for chain lift skip, these are the type of vehicle that will deliver your skip.
Width that is required for vehicle to drop skip on driveways are:
8 ft 6″ for larger skips

8ft for smaller skips
Hook loader
15 yard RORO for Soil and Rubble

40 yard RORO for Wood and General Waste